From January 2021 we opened domestic. Lab in Sojahuset on Aarhus Harbour.

Fermentation has always been an important foundation for our restaurant.

Domestic. Lab is a prolific strength alongside the restaurant. But also, a space for evolvement and innovative ideas about new tastes.


At Domestic.Lab, we work – amongst other things – to minimize food waste and reduce meat & dairy to a more veggie-driven base in our kitchen. Furthermore, we focus on beverages. We brew beer, kombucha, kefir and engineer our own drinks for menu-pairings.

A more vegetable-driven kitchen

Meat is often something we combine with the important taste of umami. By finding green alternatives for this we can reduce meat consumption and introduce vegetables on the menu. For example, we use miso, a Japanese inspired pasta, which is made of beans and barley to create depth in our courses.

Local terroir

The sourcing of local ingredients is the base of our philosophy. Therefore, we have used the last many years intensely to find, equal minded and local suppliers, who share our thoughts about sustainability and quality.

These collaborations have resulted in some of the best quality ingredients and a mutual respect.

Food waste

Biproducts from the production is used to find new tastes. Non-edible tissue from meat and fish is used for a fermented garum sauce. Leftover egg white is used for soja. Extra sourdough from our bread production is used for kvass and the residual yeast from beer production is used for miso amongst other things.

We’re now taking inquiries for

  • Product development
  • Advisory services
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Talks

For questions or further information please contact us at or @domestic.lab on Instagram.