asparagus event

Mark your calendar for Friday, May 17th, when we at Domestic open the doors for a unique asparagus event.

Our talented kitchen team is collaborating with Tommy Friis from Thors Mølle and Jens Skovgaard from Cold Hand Winery to create a menu that celebrates Danish asparagus and wonderful Danish fruit wine.

We invite you with great enthusiasm to an evening where asparagus is in the spotlight. Tommy Friis, former winner of ‘Chef of the Year’ and participant in Bocuse d’Or, will present his culinary expertise in his asparagus-based dishes. His presence in the kitchen this evening will undoubtedly enhance the evening’s culinary ambition – his connection to us and his influence on gastronomy is invaluable.

Jens Skovgaard, a loyal friend and collaborator from Cold Hand Winery in Randers, will also participate in the evening and contribute to the good atmosphere. Jens is known for producing wines of the highest quality, made from Danish fruits and berries. These wines are served in top restaurants and some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Denmark and abroad.

Prepare for an evening where Danish asparagus meets extraordinary taste, handpicked wines, good craftsmanship, and a vibrant atmosphere

Menu – kr. 1500

Snacks and sparkling wine

White asparagus in three variants, Grilled, raw, and as a purée, served with a mussel sauce. ( Domestic)

Parmesan-caramelized white asparagus, with fried rosemary and a perfectly poached egg. (Thors Mølle)

Grilled green asparagus, marinated in wild garlic chimichurri, served with lamb from Thy and pickled new onions. (Domestic)

“Høns i asparges”,featuring grilled green asparagus, agnolotti, and a sauce made from white asparagus. (Thors Mølle)

Rhubarb mousse, served with pickled rhubarb and wood sorrel (Domestic)

Alongside the sparkling wine, we will be serving five distinct wines, each meticulously chosen from Jens’ remarkable collection at the Cold Hand Winery. These wines have been selected to harmonize with the dishes and enhance the taste experience.

The event commences at 18:30.

We invite you to reserve a table for an evening where we will enjoy the best from farm to table, and where every bite and sip is a story of passion and perfection.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Tommy Friis

Tommy Friis has built an impressive career in gastronomy, where he has worked as a chef, assistant kitchen manager, and kitchen manager at renowned restaurants such as Henne Kirkeby Kro, Kong Hans Kælder, and Molskroen.

He is a former co-owner and kitchen manager at Hotel & Restaurant Fru Larsen in Laurbjerg, which was honored in The Danish Dining Guide and recognized by the Michelin Guide.

Tommy has also won the title of “Chef of the Year” and participated in the prestigious chef competition, Bocuse d’Or.

Jens Skovgaard

In 2010, Jens Skovgaard’s journey with Cold Hand Winery began. His dream of creating a new, exclusive, wine-like apple wine became a reality by accident with a frozen container of apple juice. This accident led to a series of experiments, which have resulted in wines that have gained recognition both in Denmark and abroad.

His fascination with wines made from Danish fruits and berries has expanded the range to also include wines made from blackcurrants, rhubarb, cherries, quinces, and pears. These Nordic ice wines, sparkling wines, and dessert wines are served today at top restaurants and some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants.