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From the 6th of May we have the pleasure of running the restaurant at the beautiful Hotel Strandlyst in Ballen.

While our Michelin Restaurant, Domestic still is open in Aarhus, a part of our talented team take the ferry to the scenic surroundings at Samsø, here they will change city life with the idyllic local soil, explore the island and prepare some of the fantastic ingredients, which is found on Samsø.


At Restaurant Strandlyst, the food is inspired by experiences we have had over the years. Samsø is the primary supplier, and with culinary craftsmanship and uncompromisingness, we form the settings for the good dining experience.

Our drinks are honest, juicy and without too many smart things. On the plate, we convey ingredients that are close to us, both from local area and far away.

At Restaurant Strandlyst, the hotel guests can enjoy the simple and well-cooked breakfast. We offer lunch and, in the afternoon, we make coffee and something sweet for the cake lovers. The evening menu is easy to understand, just lot of good ingredients and lots of good taste, there is something for everyone.

Everything we do, we do of love for ourselves, for the guests, for our suppliers and the local environment.


Strandlyst is a small, luxurious hotel where the guests can retire from everyday stress and enjoy the serenity that Samsø has to offer.

Strandlyst has ten charming rooms, which offer peace and presence, no matter where you live. As a guest at the hotel, you have free access to all facilities, including pool and outdoor jacuzzi.

Tues.- Fri.: 17.30 – 00.00

Sat.: 12.00 – 00.00

Phone hours: 12.00-17.00

Mejlgade 35B – 8000 Aarhus C – Denmark
Tlf. 00 45 61 43 70 10