Our menu follows the changing of the seasons, so in other words it is nature that determines its content. We strive to use 100% local ingredients that come from small suppliers and thus creating as sustainable a journey as possible from "farm to table". You will therefore not find ingredients such as lemon, vanilla, chocolate and pepper in our menu. On the other hand, we have tasty homemade food prepared with care for the environment, spiced with a high gastronomic level, old fermentation methods and culinary craftsmanship. All served in an informal and homely setting.


Every Saturday from 12.00 pm. we offer a high gastronomic lunch experience in our homely and present setting. For lunch, we serve some of the dishes you can find on the evening menu.

This allows you to enjoy an exciting meal from the kitchen and feel the cozy atmosphere in the restaurant at domestic during an afternoon. Whether you are for a quick bite to eat or a larger experience, there is something for everyone. You can freely choose between four or five courses, with the option of purchasing snacks, champagne, juice, and wine pairing as well as our homebrew beers.

Saturday lunch

Choose between four or five courses.


4 courses – kr. 645

Wine pairing kr. 495 / Juice pairing kr. 325


5 courses – kr. 795

Wine pairing kr. 595 / Juice pairing kr. 395


Last seating at 13.00


 The first 4 servings on both menus are snacks to which you can buy champagne.

The experience - kr. 1295

The experience menu is the full journey of our universe.


smoked cheese – asparagus

dumpling – cheese

potato – sausage

ramson – loke

bread – butter

oyster – kohlrabi

eggs – eggs

trout – radish

asparagus – gooseberry

plaice – peas

tartar – black currants

oyster mushroom – broth

grilled bread – pesto

mussel – strawberry

chicken – barbecue

cucumber – goat cheese

rhubarb – mascarpone

waffle – browned butter

The insight - kr. 795

The insight is a shorter version of the experience menu.


smoked cheese – asparagus

dumpling – cheese

potato – sausage

ramson – loke

bread – butter

asparagus – gooseberries

plaice – peas

tartar – black currants

mussel – strawberry

chicken – barbecue

waffle – browned butter

Wine and Juice Pairing

The curious

the small one / The big one

Kr. 595 / 895

The safe

The small one / The big one

Kr. 795 / 1295

Juice Pairing

The small one / The big one

Kr. 395 / 695

Sweets kr. 95

koji – pine

donut – elderflower

oats – miso

On Friday and Saturdays we’re not able to offer our four course menu.

If you have any further inquiries – or questions about allergies or dietary restrictions – you’re welcome to contact us.


Tues.- Fri.: 17.00 – 23.00

Sat.: 12.00 – 23.00

Phone hours: 12.00-17.00

Mejlgade 35B – 8000 Aarhus C – Denmark
Tlf. 00 45 61 43 70 10