We have a deep love for nature, hence we let the seasons direct our choice of produce. In other words it’s the changing cycle of the seasons that dictates our menu.
The fall season

We are currently in the fall. The sun’s hours in the sky get shorter day by day, the temperature drops, and the leaves of the trees fade to form a beautiful golden brown blanket on the ground. We have saved the summer on glass jars and now we are focusing on the abundance of fruits and berries that must be harvested and hidden. In the woods, mushrooms, chestnuts, hazelnuts start to spring up and win their way into the menus along with corn, pumpkin, cabbage and root vegetables. At this time of the year, we are juicing apples for our homemade cider and spending a lot of time pickling and fermentation of the season’s vegetables and fruits for later use in the year.

It’s no wonder that this time of the year is close to our hearts.


Our choice of making locally sourced produce the cornerstone of our kitchen is a very deliberate one. In our kitchen we use 100 % locally sourced produce from small suppliers working and cultivating the land of our region. We simply want as close of a relationship as possible to the origins of the produce we work with, which guarantees our guests that we know the origin and story behind the produce that ultimately ends up on the plates in the restaurant.


Sustainable consideration

Our herbs, vegetables, meats… Basically everything we serve in the restaurant originates from nature. We truly believe that the best way to cherish the environment is by working closely with suppliers who share our high ambitions for quality and sustainability. This gives us the freshest and most seasonal produce – which in turn creates the best ‘farm to table’ experience as possible.

Local collaboration is of the utmost importance to us because it promotes the local environment and builds the foundation for mutual learning with our passionate suppliers. This is what we call: Sustainable consideration.



Since the opening of Domestic we’ve had the ambition of creating a high-level gastronomic experience that’s served in a low-key and homely environment. In our restaurant there simply has to be room for everybody – no matter shape, shoe-size or age. Therefore we do our best to ‘customize’ the evening for our guests. We love telling stories about our suppliers, cooking techniques and wine – but our stories are always rooted in the level of interest of our guests.