100% local ingredients from the nature and small suppliers

With our local philosophy, we create as sustainable a journey as possible from “farm to table”. You will therefore not find ingredients such as lemon, vanilla, chocolate, and pepper in our menu. The food is prepared with care for the environment, spiced with a high gastronomic level and old fermentation methods.

Our menu follows the changing of the seasons, so in other words it is nature that determines its content.This means that our ingredients can change from day to day, depending on what the wind and the weather permit.

So, sit back and let yourself be surprised by what we and the nature has to offer.


The menu - kr. 1600

The full experience of our universe.
Approx. 14 servings.


With juice pairing – kr. 2400

With wine pairing – kr. 3000

With upgraded wine pairing  – kr. 3600

Short menu - kr. 900

An insight into our universe.
Approx. 9 servings.
We´re not able to offer short menu on Saturdays.


With juice pairing – kr. 1400

With wine pairing – kr. 1800

With upgraded wine pairing  – kr. 2300